She designed Barbie, created the world’s largest toy company, and was forced to leave

Barbie is the best-selling doll in the world, and many people think it originated in the United States.

In fact, the original shape of Barbie is German.

In 1916, Ruth Handler was born in Denver, Colorado, the capital of the United States. Her parents were originally Poles. In order to escape military service, like countless immigrants who went to the United States to find dreams, they took a hot and dirty steam boat and came to the other side of the ocean.

Ruth, her father is a blacksmith, and she has to support nine sisters with a modest income.

Although life is very bitter, parents never fight against children. As the youngest child, Ruth is very popular, so even if she is old, she is childlike.

At the age of 19, Ruth of Sophomore went to Hollywood to study industrial design. Soon, she found a job at the famous Paramount Film Company. Here, she also met her lifelong love, her husband, Egypt. Leot Handler.

In 1942, the smug Handels founded their company in a garage. The original product was a wooden picture frame, Elliot developed samples, and Ruth was responsible for sales.

Many big companies in the United States are created in garages, like Apple, Disney, etc., so the garage is very important, and you should have one.

By chance, Hendler tried to make small furniture with the rest of the frame and found that the sales were good, so the company added another business to design and manufacture furniture for the children’s playroom. A few years later, the company began to make money, and the main business also turned to production toys.

In 1945, the Hendersons and their friends, Mantson, opened a company called MATTEL, MATT was taken from the name of Mantson, and EL was from Elliot’s name.

At that time, the dolls that the American market made for girls were the image of the chubby little girl. Just like Xiulan Deng Boer, Ruth felt naive. Once, she saw her daughter Barbie playing a paper-cut doll, which is completely different from the dolls on the market. It is a mature model with their own occupations. She thought, why not design a mature doll?

Ruth had no idea how to think hard.

One day, she went to Germany on a business trip, just so good, she saw a doll named Lily in the window, she was very happy, this is the prototype she was looking for.

Lily is designed for adults to play, just like the scaled version of today’s inflatable dolls, the clothes are very exposed. Ruth is ready to improve her.

Back in the United States, she immediately invited people to design, not only the design of human figures, but also clothes and shoes. Soon, in 1958, the first doll was made in Japan, and Ruth gave her daughter’s name. From then on, Barbie The doll was born.

When Barbie was first launched, it was not popular with dealers because it was a new thing. But soon, Ruth’s business felt that the Barbie was selling crazy, and sold 350,000 in the first year.

Between 1960 and 1970, Barbie sold was as much as $500 million.

According to statistics, the average American girl has 10 Barbie dolls, while the French girl is 5.

Barbie is not a monotonous doll, always advancing with the times. The company has designed her as many as 80 professions, countless sets of costumes, and even Barbie’s face is always changing. The most recent change is based on Chinese athletes. Guan Yingshan’s appearance.

Because of Barbie’s crazy sales, Mattel has become the world’s largest toy company, controlling 12% of the toy market in the United States.

Ruth said: I have Barbie, I have husband and children, I have the biggest toy business, I stand at the top of the world!

Unfortunately, the new director of Mattel no longer focused on the toy market, but turned to other sideline businesses. They forced Ruth and her husband away from their original career. In 1975, Ruth reluctantly resigned as president and left the company she founded.


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