Beautiful BJD dolls than Barbie dolls, they have a unique soul

Speaking of dolls, from the perspective of shape, I have to mention Barbie dolls. Barbie can be said to represent an outstanding toy of an era. The founder of Mattel Company saw her daughter like to play the popular paper dolls at that time, and helped them change clothes and change bags. I thought that I should design a three-dimensional doll, the basic structure and principle of BJD, enriching the doll’s modeling ability; In terms of appearance, borrowing the concept of Barbie, you can freely change the shape.

Dolls are children’s toys, dolls are unintentional children, and human form is the carrier of the soul. V is so defined as a good heart. It is hoped that all children will be loved by the master and have a unique soul.

As the VOLKS advertisement says, SD is like another self, hiding the true self and growing with you. .

The BJD full name ball joint doll refers to a doll whose joints are linked by a spherical part. It is because of this special structure that BJD can display richer movements and postures more vividly.

Most of the contemporary BJDs are taller than the dolls (10cm to 70cm), which makes the space for the dolls more spacious. BJD dolls can not only change clothing, but also modify makeup, change hands and feet, hair, and even eyeballs.

Therefore, BJD is endless to the player’s charm, and then buy her a variety of clothes, summer, winter, bathrobe, wedding dress, JK uniforms, etc., is a wonderful thing!

Because the doll is too perfect. This kind of sprouting, soft girl is a very normal thing, whether it is a daughter or a female ticket, I feel very normal.

There are too few perfect things in the world, and you can grasp less, and bjd is really placed in the perfect human figure that can be seen and touched. The best part is that it belongs to you completely.

Because the three yuan is not so beautiful and so spiritual human beings, when I am in a bad mood, I will take my children out and play with them. It is not a pet or a family for me, but it is very important in my heart as other existence. Status

It’s good-looking, but it’s the same now. If you don’t look good, then it’s so much money to do this thing. It’s not good to take it. Because it looks good, I look good, I am happy.

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