Lego Toys leaked the “Fulian 4” large-scale fighter, and the Zitauri people played a role again

The final chapter of Marvel’s fourth stage, The Avengers 4: The Final Battle, is less than three months old. This process will be very hard for the post-production department, because the actors’ shooting is basically completed. Down the need to direct the Russell brothers to coordinate between the later departments.

The same “hard work” is also the toy manufacturer that cooperates with Marvel. The internal test of genuine toys has become the mouth of movie information disclosure. We have experienced many examples of toys leaking specific information. This time, Lego toys stood up to help fans solve their problems.


The latest products of LEGO Toys seem to illustrate the re-assembly of the Avengers. In the previous speculation, we are all eager to cross, because the superheroes and humans who have turned into ash in “Re-Link 3” need to come back, and the order of the universe needs to be rebuilt. This inevitably requires a crossing.

In the latest set of toys, our “old enemy” Zitauri people appeared, and the contents of the three sets of toys are different.

The protagonist of the picture in the upper left corner is the US team. It is also familiar with riding a big motorcycle. The US team has a big motorcycle ride at the beginning of “Beauty Team 1” and “Fulian 2”. Tari people.

The Zitauri are the alien races in the ultimate world. In “Reunion 1”, Rocky is the coordinator. The Zitauri are the executors of the aggression of the Earth. The leader is The Other, who directly obeys the tyrant.

The image in the upper right corner is very similar to the war machine. It is distinguished from the weapon on the right shoulder, and the color scheme is different from the anti-Haike armor, so the guess here is that the war machine may upgrade the armor in “Re-Link 4”.

The bottom piece is much more exciting. The “Avenger” logo on the super-large fighter tells us that “Fulian 4” will have a larger mech to fight. The few members flying in the sky are Raytheon and Rocket Raccoon, riding four. The motorcycle is not clear.

In fact, this set of toy leaks is not only the weapon of “Reunion 4”, it may prompt the Avengers how to find the tyrant, because the Qitarese people come to the earth through the wormhole in the sky, then the Avengers can also use the worm The hole finds the tyrant.

Now it seems that “Reunification 4” will bring us a lot of surprises.


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