Peak’s Woods: Take you to Alice World with BJD, spherical joints, dolls, Amway

Hello readers, “Alice in Wonderland” believes that everyone is no stranger. As a world famous fairy tale, Xiao Bian is also very fond of and read a lot of derivative movies, animations, etc., Alice can say It is a long-lasting Ip. The cooperation between famous IP and various display forms can be said to be diverse, but the combination of Alice and BJD – spherical joint dolls is believed that many readers and friends have never seen it. Let Xiaobian bring you a different one today. The fantasy Alice world.

What is BJD?

BJD is the abbreviation of Ball-jointed Doll, and Chinese is “ball joint human figure”. Refers to a variety of exquisite movable figures (dolls) with spherical joints. The doll’s makeup, costumes, wigs, and even the eyes are all replaceable. Dressing up the dolls you like is what you want. It has always been a bjd player. Bjd originated in Europe and was popular in Russia before being introduced to Japan, South Korea and China.

The production of bjd dolls is called “Washe”, and the bjd circle is the “Volks-model village” in Japan. It is said that Volks can carry forward the modern bjd culture.

Peak’s Woods

Today, Xiaobian, who is enjoying this company, is a relatively small company in Korea: Peak’s Woods (PW). The PW president is not a class that is very popular, which has caused many people to be unfamiliar with this company. However, this doll’s work, the favorite of this looks, may have an impulse to take the whole doll’s dolls home.

The shape of pw has always been one of the best in the industry. As a Korean company, their Alice series of costumes have cooperated with Thai designers and made many dreamy themes. It is also very popular among the mothers of the countries, but because of its family-style production mode, the productivity can not keep up, resulting in a particularly long construction period, often ridiculed that: one year does not open, open for one year.

Pw uses different dolls to create different Alice world styles, dolls are either fresh or charming, all kinds of styles make the baby mothers crazy to pursue, and they will take home when they “eat the soil”!

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