Your daughter should have a Barbie toy: there are 4 big benefits, especially the third one, I am broken

Barbie was officially launched on March 9th in 1959 and has a footprint in more than 150 countries around the world. In the United States, more than 92% of girls aged 3-12 have at least one Barbie doll. Why are Barbie toys so popular with girls?

On the weekend, after taking the kids to the Barbie dress show, I decided to give the kids a Barbie toy!

First, what is the significance of Barbie dolls for the growth of girls?

  1. Develop your child’s hands-on ability

My daughter was 2 years and 6 months old and went to kindergarten. She is currently learning to wear clothes and buttons. There is a smart tiger in the house, getting up every morning, first dressing with Qiaohu, and then dressing himself.

In the parent-child Barbie dressing show, the child focused on playing for more than an hour, dressing her, wearing shoes, and tying her hair, which can cultivate the child’s small muscles.

When children grow up, they can also make their own costumes. It is a good manual activity.

  1. Develop children’s aesthetic ability

Barbie symbolizes beauty and nobility, which is one of the reasons why many girls are sought after. In the matching and styling of Barbie costumes, it is to cultivate children’s sense of color and beauty.

Recalling my childhood, I started playing Barbie in kindergarten. When I was 6 years old, my mother taught me to make a doll’s clothes. After the adult, no teacher has learned the costume design, is keen on UI interface design, likes painting, designing handmade puppet toys. These hobbies have two characteristics, beauty, and need to use color. The childhood experience of playing Barbie gave me the nutrients of beauty and color.

3, career enlightenment, 5-year-old girl became a designer because of playing Barbie toys!

Designer Han embroidery has said that she was determined to be a designer when she was 5 years old. When I was 5 years old, I started to make clothes for Barbie. In the past 10 years, she has designed a lot of clothes for Barbie, all kinds of types, everything. And therefore, I read a lot of design celebrity biographies, went to the design school, and finally set up the high-end brand SYUSYUHAN, and boarded the New York Fashion Weekly!

4, Barbie spirit: girls want to live their own style

In the movie, Barbie campaigned for zongtong, landed on the moon, and told the girls to be self-confident and self-love.

Founder Ruth once said in his autobiography that the creation of Barbie toys is to let all girls know that they have the ability to become dreamers. “Barbie” represents that women have the same choices as men… She is not just a toy, she has become a part of the lives of female consumers.

Second, Barbie dolls are controversial by mothers

Barbie is being criticized by parents for his adult dress and disproportionate size. The views of parents are:

  1. Barbie sex is fixed, and children may have sex discrimination in adulthood;

2, Barbie toys, lean body, let the children care more about the body

According to a survey in Australia, 40% of girls who play Barbie are dissatisfied with their bodies, and even 5-year-old girls are worried about their size!

Some surveys and experiments have shown that girls who play Barbie have aversion to people who are obese;

In reality, some net reds become barbarian by dieting and shaping.

In response to these views, there are also experiments to prove that the biggest influencing factor comes from the family’s evaluation of their image, not Barbie.

Third, mother, this toy, do you think you should play?

I personally think that toys have two sides, such as English cartoons, which can help children in English enlightenment, but watching TV is not conducive to the development of children. In this process, parental guidance plays a key role. We can try to avoid disadvantages:

  1. Give the child a variety of dolls so that the child’s reception is not single;

2, control the length of play

  1. Parents properly guide children to correct values ​​and health concepts

Do not strengthen beauty and ugliness, do not strengthen fat and thin, face each appearance

  1. Parents guide to the correct gameplay

5, not blindly worship, not affected by business.

I support my daughter to play Barbie. I hope she is as beautiful and noble as Barbie, and she will live her own charm and style. The nobleness in this bone allows her to choose love in the future, not to be taken away by men for money; not to bow down for pots and pans, but to fall to mediocrity.

In the kindergarten, there are also Barbie toys. Do you think the children should play?


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