The girls dress up the dolls, not only play the gods, but also make a lot of money

Most girls like Barbie very much in their childhood. They often comb their hair, change their clothes, and even talk to them. If you see Barbie, you will be happy, usually go with your mother. Going to the supermarket, if you see Barbie, you will be clamoring to buy it. It’s really for Barbie and his mother to die. However, the current girl’s pursuit of Barbie seems to have risen again, and there has been a street version in foreign countries. The “real Barbie doll” attracts countless visitors, and many netizens said: This is the real “Barbie powder”!

In Ukraine, there is a girl named Olga, who likes Barbie very much. It is just a doll control. It collects a lot of different Barbie dolls. One day, she found a particularly delicate doll. Olga saw it at first sight and got it. Shui Ling’s eyes are fascinated by the small mouth. When she wants to pay, she knows that there is only one doll in the world. Under the pressure of money, she has the idea of ​​wanting to remove makeup from the doll.

After a year of professional study and research, Olga decided to personally make a facelift for the doll. She first removed the makeup before the doll, then finished the new makeup with acrylic paint and brightener, in order to make the doll look more Stereoscopic, she used her own cosmetics to apply a shadow to the doll. After that, she customized clothes and hairstyles according to the makeup characteristics of the doll.

Later, olga began to make some details of the doll to make it look more real. After a few years, olga’s technology has been trained to the point of perfection. After many people read her work, they all turned to She buys dolls, because there are so many people to buy, she simply opened a company specializing in Barbie dolls, the business is very good, and her technology is unique in history, so her name is unknown in this industry.

How are you, little friends, what do you think about this?

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