“Reunification 4” or into the Iron Man curtain stage? Lego toys are both “disclosure”

The Avengers 4: The Final Battle will bring back many of the most loved characters. Hawkeye, Valkyrie, Ants, as long as you can name them, they may appear. But there is one thing fans may not think of anyway: Iron Man’s primary auxiliary robot “Dum-E” will return in “Re-Link 4”!

“Reunification 4” or into the Iron Man curtain stage? Lego toys are both “disclosure”!

As with the previous days, our guess for Iron Man comes from a new set of Lego toys. Although the director of the “Reunion 4” director Russell Brothers said: fans want to get the answer to “ReLink 4” from the toy, this is really ridiculous, although I am going to find it, I am very happy that fans will do this because it will Lead the fans to the wrong place.

Although the directors have ridiculed, we can’t help but analyze and guess the “Focus 4” theme toy. Because of the director Russell’s words, can you believe it is another thing! (The old man is very bad)

Among the toys, there is an iron man in a white quantum field suit hovering in the air, and an extra accessory “Dum-E”. So what is “Dum-E”?

I still remember that in Iron Man 1, we often saw a loyal assistant at his side in Tony’s lab to help him design the latest Iron Man armor.

Unfortunately, in Iron Man 3, the original version of the robot was destroyed along with Tony’s mansion on the cliff. The good news, however, is that a refurbished version of “Dum-E” later appeared in “Spider-Man: Back to School”.

Lego Toys gave us a lot of clues, let us know what development of Iron Man will be in “Re-Link 4”. First, we know that he will make his debut in the film for his most advanced Mark 85 armor and quantum field suit. In addition, many of his classic armor in the Iron Man trilogy will reappear in this movie.

Tony’s many past in Iron Man’s series should be back in the end of “Reunion 4”, which is very suitable, because all signs indicate that Robert Downey will withdraw from Marvel in this film, which will It is his 10th appearance in this role in 11 years, “Fulian 4” is likely to become the iron man curtain stage.

Of course, this news has not been confirmed yet, but everything will be announced on April 26th, “Avengers 4: The Final Battle”, so stay tuned!


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